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Ever since i signed up for newgrounds ive allways loved the site. I remember my buddy showing me the site way back in elementry school,and ever since then ive had a destinct love of this place(hell i remember braging when i signed up,lol) since then me and my buddy have went different ways with our life but I always have appreciated and respected them for showing me such a place as newgrounds. I never have really been any good with flash and I've tried many times but guess it's just not my talent. However I love watching animations movies and games posted here and then inspired me in more ways than one. But I always laugh when I go back and read some of my reviews from years ago when I was still young and highly immature. But I guess there are some things we have to be nostalgic about and some things we just need to forget. But no matter what I feel I'll never forget newgrounds and the wonderful memories I have seen at this place because some things grow more to be just a hunk of wood with strings or a block of paper with ink smeared on it or just some website where people post animations made on the computer. I feel newgrounds is more than this, it's the one place I can always go to, it's almost like a home.